The Tri-State Tour  

Welcome to The Tri-State Tour

We are one of the oldest and most established pool tours in the United States.
The Tri-State Tour is centered in the greater New York metropolitan area
with tournaments throughout the Tri-State region.
This is the pool tour for you if you are a competitive player
who would like to participate in a really exciting
series of tournaments.


In November we will be holding

a special event at Gotham City Billiards

on Saturday & Sunday, November 15 & 16.

There will be a $4000 added

and no green fees will be charged.

This event will have an expanded field handicap

which will include Open level Players

but not Open+ Level.

The field will be a B thru Open field

Lower level players are encouraged to play

but will have to play at a B level handicap.

All players in the Open class

as to thier skill level and ranking

at least one week prior to the event.

There will be no onsite ranking verification.

For all other classes  no new members

may join on the day of the event.

The Next Event is:

Saturday & Sunday,

September 20 & 21

Tournament Sign Up Begins

at 9:30 AM and closes at 11 AM

A/B-C/D Class 9-Ball

Special Double Point Event

$2500 Added

Gotham City Billiards

93 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY



      Upcoming Events
  • Sept. 27
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    BQE Billiards
    70-02 34th Ave.
    Jackson Heights, NY
    (718) 779-4348


  • October 4
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $750 Added

    Clifton Billiards
    1158 Main St.
    Clifton, NJ
    (973) 928-6622


  • October 11
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    Castle Billiards
    349 Route 17 S.
    E. Rutherford, NJ
    (201) 933-6007


  • October 18
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    Rockaway Billiards
    353 US 46
    Rockaway, NJ
    (973) 625-5777


  • October 26
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    Steinway Billiards
    3525 Steinway St.
    Astoria, NY
    (718) 472-2124

Our Tri-State Winners!

  • September 13
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Rockaway Billiards
    Full Results to come

  • September 6
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Clifton Billiards
    1st: Ada Lio
    2nd: Keith Adamik
    3rd: Roberto Mendoza
    Full Results

  • August 30 & 31
    B-C-D  9-Ball

    Amsterdam Billiards & Bar
    1st: Enoch Hooper
    2nd: Andrew Cleary
    3rd: Bob Toomey
    Full Results

  • August 23
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Cue Bar
    1st: Omar Alli
    2nd: Kim Meyer-Gabia
    3rd: Rhio Anne Flores
    Full Results

  • August 16
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Gotham City Billiards
    1st: Miguel Laboy
    2nd: Lidio Ramirez
    3rd: Amy Yue Yu
    Full Results

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