The Tri-State Tour  

Welcome to The Tri-State Tour

We are one of the oldest and most established pool tours in the United States.
The Tri-State Tour is centered in the greater New York metropolitan area
with tournaments throughout the Tri-State region.
This is the pool tour for you if you are a competitive player
who would like to participate in a really exciting
series of tournaments.


The Next Event is:


March 2

A/B - C/D Class 9-Ball

$750 Added

Clifton Billiards

1158 Main St.

Clifton, NJ

(973) 928-6622


      Upcoming Events
  • April 4
    A-B / C-D 9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    Steinway Billiards
    3525 Steinway St.
    Astoria, NY
    (718) 472-2124


  • April 12
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added
    Cue Bar
    45-18 Bell Blvd.
    Bayside, NY
    (718) 631-2646


  • April 16-19
    Super Billiard Expo

  • April 26
    A-B / C-D  9-Ball
    $1000 Added

    BQE Billiards
    70-02 34th Ave.
    Jackson Heights, NY
    (718) 779-4348


  • May 2
    B-C-D 9-Ball
    $1800 Added
    Gotham City Billiards
    93 Avenue U
    Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 714-1002


Our Tri-State Winners!
  • March 21
    Open - C+  9-Ball

    Steinway Billiards
    1st: Chris Karp
    2nd: Koka Davladze
    3rd: Sam Alvarez
    Full Results

  • March 14
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Rockaway Billiards
    1st: Kevin Coyle
    2nd: Serrafin Serrano
    3rd: Juan Bombino
    Full Results

  • March 7
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Gotham City Billiards
    1st: Keith Adamik
    2nd: Chumreon Sutcharitakul
    3rd: Colin Kelly
    Full Results

    March 1
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    BQE Billiards
    1st: Kirill Safronov
    2nd: Lionell Swanston
    3rd: Bob Toomey
    Full Results

    February 22
    A-B/C-D  9-Ball

    Steinway Cafe & Billiards
    1st: John Morrison
    2nd: Kirill Safronov
    3rd: Chumreon Sutcharitakul
    Full Results

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